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I Love Creating Media for the Hudson Valley’s Businesses!!
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Hi! I’m Carl Cox

Photographer. Videographer. Enthusiast of all things digital media.

Loading slides into the family projector, classes in school darkrooms, hours of education and training lead me to the corporate work I do today. Photography, and my passion for it, has always been a huge part of my life.

I joined Professional Photographers of America in 2009 and spent years learning how to create beautiful imagery from the best in the industry.

My work identifies professionals, their organizations, and products they create in print, billboards, social media, and websites.

I love to learn a company’s story, how they work, and their passion for what they create, and their customers.

Thirty-seven of my images have received awards for Technical Excellence by industry leaders in the PPA, with two of those included in the prestigious PPA Loan Collection.

In addition to attending hundreds of hours of online education, I have attended the New England Institute of Professional Photography, After Dark Education (two different schools; Texas, Arizona), and taught photography at conventions and workshops around the nation.

I could write about photography for hours, but I’ve got photos to make, and you came here because you need digital content!!

Besides, if you want to learn more, we can trade stories when we meet about your project.

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