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Time Lapse

Time-lapse photography is a very effective way to compress the time-line of an event or process that you want to show in a shorter, more appreciable time-frame. It is a superb tool for showing how events or processes unfold.
Hudson Valley Digital Media Arts Time Lapse Camera

Why we’re different

Hudson Valley DMA uses award-winning long-term time lapse camera solutions. 1080p, 16-35mm optical zoom, over a month a battery life, and macro capabilities. Our gear is perfect for everything from recording construction sites, art, 3D printing, and just about anything else you can imagine,

To compliment our time lapse work, we create hybrid time lapse video by setting up multiple time lapse, standard video cameras, and drones on site. See our hybrid example below.

If you want to document any project longer than two hours, we’re the logical choice for you.

Our Latest Work

Time Lapse for Content Creation. Whether restoring a car, creating your next work of art, remodeling a kitchen or researching plant growth our long term time lapse gear is the perfect solution to capture your progress and share.

Garden Installation Time Lapse create for Victoria Gardens, Rosendale, NY.

Modular Home Installation for Martell builders.

Hybrid Time Lapse video created using two time lapse cameras, a standard HD video camera, and a drone.

Time lapse video of a basement concrete pour – this is neat!

Time Lapse Video created for Artist Jill Ziccardi’s Web Site.

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